6 Rainy Day Walking Tips

6 Rainy Day Walking Tips

As fall approaches, the weather has cooled down a bit and it is the perfect scene to take your dog on a walk. With the weather getting colder, we are also experiencing lots of rain and your dog might not like being outside as much. Follow these tips on walking during rainy days.


Dog walking is tough to do when the weather is not cooperating. To make it easier, we at the Barking Lot Deerfield suggest you and your pup invest in some weather-appropriate clothing. Things like raincoats and rain boots, or Pawz booties, are a good idea to ensure your dog is comfortable while walking on wet surfaces.


You want to keep your dog’s paws dry so they can avoid health concerns and injuries to the paws. Investing in booties are a great way to avoid slipping, and keep the paws dry from snow and rain. Pet supplies like those are very useful.


Make sure you and your dog are visible in cloudy weather. You want to make sure you both avoid unsafe situations, so wearing bright colors or reflective gear will assure that you are visible to traffic. Be mindful of what time of the day you are taking your walks- the later in the night the more at risk you are of not being seen.


Make the walks shorter than your usual hikes if the weather is not good that day. You want to keep the safety of your pet in mind and make sure they are not doing too much in harsh weather. Also, if they are not comfortable with rain, then do not take them on long walks when it is wet outside.


Change of seasons also means seasonal allergy changes. When you are outside, your pup is exposed to more allergies around us. Make sure you are monitoring the behavior of your pet when on walks to check for things they might be allergic to. If you feel your pet is experiencing allergies, contact your vet.


We hope these rainy day walk tips help you and your dog! Looking for more useful information? Check out our page at the Barking Lot! Learn more about our dog walking and dog grooming by visiting us online or searching, “dog walking near me”, “dog grooming near me”, and “dog boarding near me”.


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