Easy DIY Costumes for Your Dog

Easy DIY Costumes for Your Dog

Halloween is quickly approaching and if you haven’t found the perfect costume for your dog, don’t sweat it you’ve still got time. We here at the Barking Lot Deerfield love seeing a good dog costume, so we have put together a list of the top do-it-yourself costumes for your pup. Check them out!


The first idea is a felt-looped lion collar. All you need are some scissors to cut the felt material, and different shades of brown felt. Simply cut strips of felt out and connect them around your dog’s collar for a total transformation into the cutest lion you’ll ever see.


Do you take great pride in your dog grooming? Show off your pretty pooch by dressing them in a flower headpiece. You can find these online for pretty cheap, but if you waited too long it can be done yourself! You will need wire to get the flower shape and felt to cover the wire with for your petals.


Want to leave your dog’s head free of costumes? We have an idea for you: fairy wings. Because the wings attach to your dog’s arms and back, they might forget they are wearing a costume after a few minutes. This is a great idea to get creative with the wings your dog will wear.


For all the sushi fans out there, turn your dog into the best looking roll around. You can make a strapping costume for your dog that will fit them like they are wearing a jacket, but the top of the jacket will be a sushi roll made out of fabric and a fish toy.


Does your dog get dressed up for tea parties all the time? Halloween will be a piece of cake for them. Try dressing your dog up for Halloween as a fairy princess with some wings laying around your daughter’s room and a fairy crown.


Is your pup all serious and down to business? What about a white collared pup this season? Use an old tie for your dog to be the coolest businessman on the block. You can even cut the cuffs off an old dress shirt for full effect.


We can’t wait to see what you decide to dress your pup up as for this Halloween. In the meantime, check out our pet supplies, dog walking, and other services at the Barking Lot today. Search for us by typing “dog boarding near me”, “dog grooming near me”, or “dog walking near me” and learn about the services we offer.


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