How to Make a Thanksgiving Dinner for Your Pet That’s Safe and Also Yummy

Thanksgiving Dinner

Somehow, it’s around that time of the year again- the great holiday season! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we know that you’ve been scouring the internet and those dusty cookbooks that you only bring out once a year, for that delicious recipe that everyone will love- even your furry babies! You may or may not know that a lot of the ingredients that are in any Thanksgiving Day dinner may be harmful to your pet. We recommend the best way to ensure your pet is safe this holiday is by making them their own special yummy feast. Below are some recommendations of food that you can put on your pets Thanksgiving Day plate:

Turkey Breast(preferably shredded)

What’s Thanksgiving Day dinner without everyone having some turkey?! Your furry friend can have some turkey, but make sure that you select the meat from the middle of the breast. The middle of the breast is the best for dogs because it hasn’t absorbed any of the salty brine from the skin. The salt from the skin is very high in fat and can make your dog very sick.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are always found on the list of the best Thanksgiving foods! What makes sweet potatoes even that much better is that they are high in beta-carotene and fiber! These are great for your dog. Sweet potatoes also make great treats! Just make sure to scoop some out of the bowl for your dog before you add any butter, spices, etc. Mashed potatoes are also a nice treat as long as they don’t contain roasted garlic or chives. If you are going heavy on the butter or cream, the richness may be too much for your dog’s digestive system.


Green beans, peas, carrots, squash, asparagus are a few excellent veggies, low-calorie yummy treats for your dog. When cooking these vegetables, put some aside for your furry friend before adding any seasonings or butter.


Cranberries are a great source of antioxidants and add some delicious flavor explosions to your dogs’ palate. Since the flavor is so intense, not all dogs enjoy them- so before you give them some make sure your dog enjoys them first!


When you think of Thanksgiving, what’s the first thing you think of? For us, that’s pumpkin! Pumpkin is great for your animals. It can help regulate your dog’s digestive system. After that yummy dinner of eating what they normally don’t, the pumpkin will do wonders. Whether the pumpkin is steamed, baked, or canned make sure that nothing has been added to it.


If you have children or picky eaters in your family, pasta or mac & cheese is more than likely to be found around the dinner table. Believe it or not, it’s very safe for your dog to eat, also! Just make sure you give them only the noodle with nothing else on it. To play it safe, offer your dog plain pasta or rice and sprinkle it with a small portion of cheese.
These are just a few of the different authentic Thanksgiving Day dinner foods that are safe for your dog to eat. A fun thing to do is arrange them on your dog’s “plate” in the same fashion as yours! Just make sure you don’t give them too much food on their plate, keep the portions small in size if you are using several different foods so you don’t stuff up your dog with foods they aren’t used too.

Several foods are harmful to dogs that are found around the dinner table. You should steer clear of these foods when thinking of things to put on their dinner plate:
• Onions and garlic
• Mushrooms
• Raisins
• Cooked bones
• Heavy fats like butter and turkey skin
• Raw poultry
• Nuts
• Sweets(cookies, pie, cake, etc)
• Herbs(sage and nutmeg)

With people around the Thanksgiving dinner table eating until they can’t anymore, dogs aren’t used to such lavish foods so make sure you only give them a small portion. Dogs usually aren’t accustomed to eating these foods. With the small amount you give them, they will still be able to enjoy and feel included in the holiday festivities! If you are going to a family or friend’s house and have to sadly leave your loved pet at home, look into our doggy daycare, boarding, or our other services! The Barking Lot is located at 495 Lake Cook Road in Deerfield, IL and we are happy to help you with any dog care needs!


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