How to Prepare Your Dog for the Holidays

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It’s that frantically festive time of the year again when your normal day-to-day activities and schedules are thrown out of the window and new holiday events with friends and family fill your calendar. This time of the year is known as the “most wonderful time of the year” but it may not be for your doggies. They are used to a certain schedule and certain people and while it may not seem like a lot to you, it may be for your dogs and they feel very anxious during the holidays. Read more on our tips below on how to prepare your dog for the holidays.


Give Them Lots of Exercise


Even if it’s a winter wonderland outside, a quick stroll can help your dog tenfold. If you have a holiday party where you know you’ll be gone for a good portion of the day, take them out for a longer stroll than usual. A tired dog is a less-stressed dog!


Plan Ahead with Travel


If your festivities include traveling, make sure the car ride is comfortable for them. If your dog seems anxious before getting in the car, make sure to grab some toys they love, treats, and any other essentials when packing for the holiday trip!


Know Your Dog


No one knows your dog more than yourself. Does your dog like being around a group of people? How are they when they meet new people? These are questions you need to ask yourself when debating what to do with your dog during holiday parties and events. If your dog isn’t too good around a lot of people, take a look at our doggie boarding today for your pup!




If you haven’t taught your dog many commands, now is the time to start! Even if you’re short on time, you can easily work in short training sessions a few times each day and see results. Simple commands such as “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “no” go a long way in ensuring your guests and dog get along and enjoy themselves alike.


Create A Comfy Space

If you are hosting the holiday festivities this year, don’t forget that your dog is also on the guest list. If things get loud and a little out of control, your dog may feel uncomfortable. Creating a space in a room away from all the hustle and bustle could help them feel more comfortable!


Provide Distractions


Have a variety of items available for your dog to occupy their time while your guests are over. Some of these distractions can include toys, puzzles, bones, treats, chews, and more! Make sure to give your dog these in their safe space away from others. Some dogs might become more territorial around new people and children. Before the holiday season is here, stop by The Barking Lot and check out our toy and treat selection! You are destined to find something your dog will enjoy.


Try Supplements for Stress


Plan ahead and give your dog a calming supplement to help alleviate stress and support calm behavior. Here at the Barking Lot, we have a wide selection of treats and supplements that can help calm your dog during the holiday parties. Feel free to visit us at 495 Lake Cook Road in Deerfield to shop before the holiday parties startup!

Dogs and holiday guests don’t have to cause a stressful situation. By following these tips you can keep away from any unwanted chaos.


Everyone here at The Barking Lot wishes you Happy Holidays filled with your family, friends, and pets! For more information on how to keep your pet the most comfortable they can be during the holidays feel free to give us a call today! Our staff is very knowledgeable in understanding a dog’s behavior and how to help combat it.


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