How to Keep Your Dog Active This Winter


During the winter months, it is more challenging for all of us to stay active, including our pups. When it’s icy cold outside, no one wants to play outside. The following are tips on how to ensure your pup is getting enough exercise during those harsh winter months.

1. A short walk is better than no walk. Walk your dog whenever you can. Take advantage of the warmer days by ensuring you get outside with your pup. Also, consider trying to get them out during the warmest times of the day. With the sun setting sooner it can be challenging to get in a walk after work. Remember even if you must shorten your walks, you and your pup will still get the benefits. Consider hiring a dog walker to stop by your house while you’re a work to get your pup outside. This will guarantee not only regular exercise but consistent exercise and can also be a great way for them to create a positive association with the time you are away from them. Check out The Barking Lot’s dog walking services to learn more.

2. Pups like playing games and solving puzzles too. Make indoor time more interactive by hiding their food or favorite toys around the house so your pup can play a game of hide and seek. You could also hide treats inside a toy. There are lots of dog puzzles and games these days, do some research and find the one you think will pique your dog’s interest the most.

3. Plan playdates. Consider inviting other pups over for a puppy playdate. This will not only help them burn some energy, but it is good for socialization. If you get lucky and plan a playdate on a warmer winter day, take the pups to a dog park to really have some fun together.

4. Drop your pup off at doggie daycare. Even if it is not every day, dropping your pup off at doggie daycare a couple of times a week can do wonders for the winter blues. This will ensure proper exercise and keep them excited about the day. At The Barking Lot, your pup will enjoy up to 5 hours of supervised playtime and 30-minute one-on-one walks.
All of us at The Barking Lot want to help you feel good about the life you are providing from your furry best friend, and sometimes that means getting a little help. Learn more about how we can support you and about all The Barking Lot services, here.


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