How to Train Your Dog This Winter

How to Train your dog in the winter

Training a dog takes a lot of dedication and patience at any time of year. In the winter, it can feel like an impossible task, especially when dealing with house-training. You don’t want to be outside, so why should they, and walks may not always be an option. Without consistency, it can feel like you are not getting anywhere. The good news is it is not impossible to train your dog in winter. Consider the following tips when trying to train your pup this winter.

Tip #1: Be Ready to go – Don’t wait until they are on the verge of using your new rug as a bathroom. Have yourself prepared to bolt out the door the moment your pup is showing signs they need to go. In the winter this means having their stuff ready-leash, potty bags, and boots to cover their feet when it’s not safe, but it also means having your stuff ready too like your coat, boots, hat, etc. so that you can both be ready in a split second.

Tip #2: Go outside with your pup – Especially on the days you don’t want to go outside it is important you go out with them instead of pushing them out the door. Your pup doesn’t like the cold as much as you. This will also prevent them from getting distracted and forgetting to go potty until they are back inside where your new rug lies waiting.

Tip #3: Be patient but consistent – If you get frustrated, they will just get confused. Learning something new can be challenging for all of us. When you add in the cold weather, wet fur, and desperation of not wanting to clean up yet another mess, it can be easy to get upset. Consider when taking your pet outside to go potty, taking them to the same place. That way they will begin associating that place with potty time.

Tip #4: Get help – If all else fails, and another failed attempt to go outside instead of inside is looming, considering hiring help. The Barking Lot, in addition to all their other top dog services, also provides top-quality dog training.

New puppies are cute and fun to have around, but they are a lot of responsibility. That responsibility can seem even bigger before they are properly trained. Make sure you end up with both a happy owner and a happy pup by hiring a dog trainer from The Barking Lot. Schedule a session today by giving us a call at (847) 205-3647.


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