Homemade Dog Treats for National Dog Biscuit Day

This month, spoil your pet with a tasty treat on National Dog Biscuit Day! This February, dogs all over the world are given special treats from their human best friends. Consider making an extra special treat by making one of these tasty homemade dog treats.

1. Oat and Apple Pretzel Dog Treats – These four-ingredient pretzel treats may look complicated, but the only difficult thing about them may be shaping them into the pretzel. The four ingredients are oat flour, gluten-free rolled oats, one egg, and one cup unsweetened applesauce. Check out the recipe here.

2. Breath- Freshening Treats – If your beloved pup has not so loveable breath, these might be the perfect treat for them and you. These adorable bone-shaped morsels are a homemade version of popular dental chews, but with far fewer and cleaner ingredients. This recipe is more complicated than the previous, but if you don’t mind a little more work, the outcome will be well worth it knowing your pup can have tasty, healthy treats, and good breath!

3. Mouthwatering Watermelon Dog Treats – These simple treats are a delicious, low calorie, hydrating sweet treat your pup will love. With only three ingredients and no baking required, these homemade treats are a win-win for everyone. The ingredients are: 2 cups pureed seedless watermelon, ½ cup plain Greek yogurt, 1 TBSP chopped parsley. Find the full recipe here.

4. Carrot Peanut Butter Pupcakes – If you love making cupcakes, then you will love making these. The recipe is made up of many ingredients you probably already have at home and is very easy to follow. Decorate them with your pup’s favorite bite-sized treats for a cupcake that looks so good you will want to eat it.

5. Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Dog Treats – The name basically says it all; these treats are made up of peanut butter, coconut oil, and cinnamon. The creator of the recipe used a silicon paw print tray that made the most adorable, perfectly portioned treats. The best part is these don’t have to be baked. Just pour into the mold and freeze. Don’t miss out on these fun treats here.

Whether you make your furry best friend treats for National Dog Biscuit Day or not, we know how much you love them. Check out The Barking Lot for the highest quality dog treats and other pet supplies. While you are there, ask about the wide variety of other ways The Barking Lot can support you in giving your pup the best life. Learn more about The Barking Lot services here.


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