National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day - The Barking Lot

Celebrate National Puppy Day on March 23rd. Whether you have a pup of your own or not you can celebrate the joy puppies bring to our lives. National Puppy Day began with the intention to encourage and educate people on the issue of adopting puppies from shelters instead of supporting puppy mills. The hope was that by bringing attention to this issue, there would be fewer homeless puppies around the world. So how can you celebrate National Puppy Day?

Ideas for Celebrating National Puppy Day

  1. Adopt – Our favorite idea is to adopt a puppy or dog, or cat, or any animal really, giving an orphaned pet a home is a win whether it’s a puppy or not! Of course, bringing a new animal into your home is a big responsibility, so make sure you understand the commitment you are making.
  2. Gifts – Another way you can celebrate is by buying your furry best friend(s) a new toy or their favorite treat. The Barking Lot is stocked with premium toys and treats perfect for your pup. Stop by when we re-open April 8th to check out all we have to offer.
  3. Exercise – Whether you currently have a puppy or are just reminiscing about when your dog was a puppy, you know how much energy they have. Taking your pup for a walk is a great way to spend the day for both your pup and you. If you can’t be there to take them for a walk, The Barking Lot can do it for you. Check out our dog walking services along with all the other ways The Barking Lot can support you and your rambunctious pup.
  4. Praise – Puppies learn from praise. Take extra care on National Puppy Day to celebrate your pup with praise. If your pup loves belly rubs, maybe every time they potty in the right spot, you give them extra praise with belly rubs. It is a simple action to you, but it can mean the world to your pup and don’t forget, even if your pup is no longer a puppy or is already house trained, they still like being loved on and knowing they are a good boy or girl.

If you don’t have a puppy and it is not the right time for you do adopt one, you can still celebrate National Puppy Day. Consider visiting your local shelter and volunteering to play and love on the puppies or make a donation to help your local shelter continue to care for puppies who don’t have homes yet. The Barking Lot celebrates pups every day by providing the highest quality services to support you and your pup. Learn more here.


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