How to Help Your Dogs Get Along

How to Help Your Pets Get Along

Do you have an aggressive dog that can’t seem to figure out how to get along with your other dog? This can be very overwhelming and stressful; you love both your dogs but know that this can’t continue because it is not safe for anyone. It may feel like an impossible situation that you can’t imagine can be fixed. Fortunately, there is still hope. The following are recommendations and ideas on how to help your dogs get along better.

Dogs need a leader that both keeps their cool and is assertive. If you want your dog to stay calm, it is essential that you remain calm. If your dog is acting aggressively, put them on a leash and act assertively. Often dogs who are acting out are not getting enough exercise. A simple way to help change your dog’s perspective (just like humans) is to get them some exercise. You can also consider walking both dogs together, side-by-side. When the dogs are walking parallel to each other, their reactivity towards each other lessens. It is also a form of redirection. Most dogs love going on walks, so doing so will put them in a better mood. If they are going on walks together, they will have a positive experience to associate with the other.

If your dog is not spayed or neutered, they are more likely to exhibit aggressive behaviors. Especially when dogs are younger in age, aggressive tendencies tend to lessen or go away when they are spayed or neutered. It is recommended that male dogs be neutered between six and nine months, and females are spayed between six and 12 months.

An aggressive dog can be a serious risk to other dogs and also to people. If your dog’s aggression is a serious threat to anyone’s wellbeing, or if you have tried to lessen their aggressive behavior, it may be time to consider bringing in outside help. Hiring a dog trainer can teach you how to better interact with your aggressive dog and may be your best shot at keeping everyone safe, including the aggressive dog.

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