Puppy Training Tips

Puppy Training Tips at The Barking Lot

Bringing home a new puppy can be an exciting time. Puppies are cute, fun, and they have that yummy new puppy smell, but it is also a big responsibility. For your puppy and your family to thrive, it is essential that your new furry best friend undergoes the proper training. Training a puppy can seem overwhelming, but these simple tips and reminders can help.

Tip #1: House Training – Let’s talk about the big one first: potty training. Putting house training at the top of your list is a good idea not only for your pup but also for your peace of mind. It can be frustrating when your pup is using your favorite rug as a bathroom. The first tip is developing a schedule. Just like you, your pup will thrive on a schedule, and it’ll be easier for you. To do this, feed your pup at the same (or similar) time every day, then take them outside after they eat. Other good times to take them outside are when you wake up, before you go to bed, after they wake up from naps throughout the day, and after they drink.

Tip #2: Reward Versus Punishment – You may think that scolding them or rubbing their nose in the mess after they pee on the floor is teaching them. Doing these things only scares and confuses them. Instead, focus on rewarding positive behaviors with praise, treats, or by playing with them.

Tip #3: Socialize – It is important to socialize puppies with new people, other pets, and unfamiliar places. A great way to do this is to drop your pup off at The Barking Lot for Doggie Daycare. At daycare, they will get to spend about five hours playing with dogs of similar size and temperament while being supervised by highly qualified individuals. Learn more about doggie daycare at The Barking Lot here. You can also plan playdates with you and your friend’s dogs in each other’s homes and also out and about. The more familiar your pup gets with different sounds, smells, being around other animals and people, the less fear they will have, and the less aggressive they will be.

Tip #4: Managing their Love of Chewing – Most dogs love to chew on things. They will often do so when they are bored, so making sure they have appropriate toys to chew on is key. If you do find them chewing on inappropriate things like furniture, shoes, or your human child’s toys, redirect them to the appropriate toys. Just saying no or scolding them will probably not contribute positively to their training. Redirection is what will ultimately train them to not chew on the things you don’t want them to. The Barking Lot has a wide selection of safe doggie toys for you to choose from. Stop by today to check them out.

If you have never trained a puppy before or maybe even if you have, consulting or involving an expert is a good idea. The Barking Lot offers a variety of training classes for dogs. Learn more about dog training or our many other services here.


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