Is Your Dog Heavier Since COVID-19?

Many people are experiencing weight gain during COVID-19, and some people are even noticing that their dog putting on weight. Dog obesity is not something to take lightly because it could have a significant impact on the health and life of your pet. Below, you can learn more about how to help your dog stay healthier and how to get a dog to lose weight.

How to Help Your Dog Stay Healthier During COVID-19

You may wonder “why is my dog gaining weight?” The answer to that may be in their feeding schedule and exercise routine. Check out some tips to keep your dog healthier and to help it lose weight below.

Stick to Normal Feeding Schedules

When humans want to lose weight, they often go on a diet. You may wonder how to put a dog on a diet. The key with your pet is to know how much food they need to be getting daily, and you can ask your vet about this. Then, stick to a normal feeding schedule, giving them the proper amount of food. With COVID-19, you may have altered their feeding schedule or added in more treats, and you want to get back to a normal schedule and stick to it.

Regular Exercise

Another key to helping your pet maintain a healthy weight is exercising for the dog. They should get exercise everyday whether it is playing, going for a walk, or a combination of both. With COVID-19, many of us are staying home more and going out in the world less. This means we might not be taking our pets for as many walks, or we might not be taking them to the dog park like we used to. It is important to get back in the habit of regular exercise and consistent exercise for your pup.

Lots of Rest

It is also important for your dog to get proper rest. Even if your dog has gained some weight, they are not going to lose it all at once. Make sure they get proper rest after they have exercised so that they can remain healthy.

If you need help getting your pet a little playtime and exercise during COVID-19, we can help. At The Barking Lot, we have Dog Boarding, as well as Dog Daycare. You can send your pup to us to socialize with other dogs and get some playing in during the day. This can help your puppy stay healthy and fit. Incorporating the right amount of exercise into a dog’s day can help your dog stay fit and healthy for years to come.

You can reach out to us at The Barking Lot for more information about what we can do for you and your pup!


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