Dog Daycare Deerfield, IL

Doggie Daycare Services in Deerfield, IL

As much as we’d love to spend all day with our beloved pets, it’s not always practical. And dogs can’t simply be left alone at home all day – it’s stressful, uncomfortable (imagine having no bathroom breaks!), and can lead to behavioral issues over time.

Never fear: The Barking Lot is here! Treat your pet to world-class doggie daycare services in Deerfield, where our team of pet professionals makes every day fun for dogs of all ages and sizes.


Why Your Pup Deserves Doggie Daycare

As a pet owner, you already know how important it is to give your dog care and attention every day. They’re so good at making us want to spend time with them, too. But when life gets in the way, The Barking Lot is here to help you and your pet have a worry-free day.


No More Separation Anxiety

Our dogs are some of the most social creatures on the planet. It’s one of the reasons they become such important parts of our families. But if they’re left alone all day long, that need for socialization can cause dogs a lot of anxiety and may result in destructive behaviors. Daycare gives pups the mental stimulation and loving, one-on-one attention that they crave.


A Sense of Routine

Dogs are creatures of habit, and they’re usually most comfortable when they can settle into a routine – preferably one that includes exercise! With a structured schedule of walks and playtime (with pups of similar size and temperament), your pet will stay happy, healthy, and stress-free.


Safety and Comfort

In some ways, dogs are a lot like kids – they’re good at getting into trouble, for instance. And just like you’d feel better having someone look after your kid during the day, you’ll feel better knowing that your pet has someone watching his or her back. So whether your pooch is an outstanding escape artist or just needs a little supervision, we’re here to help.


How It Works

The Barking Lot offers complete doggie daycare services in Deerfield, IL. Your canine companion will enjoy:

Our team of pet professionals is here to make sure that your dog’s stay is a pleasant one. If you have any special requests, or anything we should know about your pup’s personality and preferences, please don’t hesitate to let us know!


Ready to get started? Contact the Barking Lot today for more information, or to schedule your next doggie daycare session!

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